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Separation and Divorce Advisors – What do we do?

Separation and Divorce Advisors provide strategic, advice, options and support to individuals and couples navigating the legal, financial, parenting and emotional aspects of separation and divorce. We assist our clients to make sound decisions and agreements based on their individual circumstances. We are committed to helping our clients to reduce their legal expenses, make informed decisions and act with integrity during their separation negotiations with their former partners.

Our advice helps you to:

  • Clarify your parenting and financial options and goals
  • Understand the principles and processes underpinning separation and divorce in Australia
  • Prepare a practical roadmap of your next steps
  • Negotiate your settlement with your spouse directly, or direct and support you during the best dispute resolution process for you
  • Communicate more constructively with your former partner with respect to day-to-day parenting and financial issues

Separation and Divorce Advisors has over 18 years of cumulative experience working in family dispute resolution and have assisted over 750 clients.

We have an established network of allied professionals including Family Lawyers, Financial Planners and Psychologists who we refer our clients to when appropriate.

Our Services

We provide two primary services:

In addition, we provide mediation preparation, divorce coaching, communication and relationship coaching.

How we work

We aim to be flexible and responsive working with you in person, by phone, email and text. We offer ongoing, regular support or occasional guidance – whatever fits your needs. Our advisers are based in Sydney and Melbourne but offer support Australia-wide.

We are committed to providing valuable, supportive and cost-effective advice in a prompt manner, always responding to you within 24 hours.

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