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Separation and Divorce Advisors – What do we do?

Separation and Divorce Advisors provide divorce strategy, advice and support to assist you navigate the legal, financial, parental and emotional aspects of your marriage separation or divorce in Australia. Our Advisors specialise in helping you to negotiate your divorce settlement directly with your former partner. We help you to make good divorce and/or separation decisions by providing you with options based on your individual circumstances. Our divorce advice is given in an empathetic but always practical manner.

Our marriage separation and divorce advice helps you:

  • Clarify your parental and financial goals
  • Prepare a well-informed, comprehensive strategy for your divorce and separation negotiations
  • Negotiate your settlement yourself, or find the right dispute resolution process for you
  • Communicate more productively on day-to-day parenting and financial issues

How we work

Our highly skilled advisers work with you in person, by phone, email and text. We offer ongoing, regular support or occasional guidance – whatever fits your needs. Our advisers are based in Sydney and Melbourne but offer support Australia-wide.

We are committed to providing valuable, supportive and cost-effective advice in a prompt manner, always responding to you within 24 hours.

Our goal is for you to resolve your separation and divorce issues with your former partner in a way that will help you both move forward with integrity and fewer regrets.

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Separation and Divorced – Confused about where you are at?

We know that it is difficult to know where you are at in the journey between Marriage and Divorce when you are starting to question your relationship (is what I am thinking normal)? Our handy reference to the Stages of Marriage, Separation and Divorce may assist you to clarify your thinking and is available to our subscribers. Enter your details below and we’ll send you your map.

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