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How we help you

Our highly trained advisors enable you to negotiate a divorce or separation directly with your former partner, helping you clarify your goals, prepare a strategy and communicate effectively.

Streamline the process

In most cases, direct negotiation by you with your former partner (in person or by email) should be the first step. With our help, this can lead to settlement much faster than negotiating indirectly through lawyers and the court.

Move forward with fewer regrets

Success to us of course means helping our client reach a good divorce settlement (divorce settlements are never excellent). But it means more than that. Our goal is to support you to act in a way which means you move forward with integrity and fewer regrets, and that you make strategic rather than reactive decisions.

Minimise divorce costs or fees where possible

By providing a value for money service and enabling our client’s to best manage and resolve their family law matters we significantly reduce our client’s legal spend.

Flexibility and discretion

We fit in with what suits you. You may prefer ongoing, regular support or you may be happy to work independently with occasional guidance from us.

Get advice in person, by email, phone and text

It’s helpful when our initial meetings are at a place where you feel comfortable, such as your house or local cafe. We also work by phone, email and text, by day or in the evenings (parents often prefer the latter).

Rely on our discretion

We adhere to the highest ethical standards of confidentiality, and sign an agreement up front to protect you. We are supportive and swift, always responding to you within 24 hours.

Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide support

We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne, but offer support nationwide.

When we cannot work with you

From time to time we need to close our books to new clients – read more about this.

  • Jacqueline Wharton, a Sydney based separation and divorce advisor

    Jacqueline Wharton

    Jacqueline worked as a lawyer for Australia’s foremost law firm for many years and later as a negotiation trainer and conflict coach for a Top 10 ASX company. She is the founder of Separation and Divorce Advisors.

  • Anna Vote, a Melbourne based separation and divorce advisor

    Anna Vote

    Prior to joining Separation and Divorce in early 2011, Anna completed her BSc in Psychology (Honours) having previously had over 12 years’ experience in Human Resource Consulting and IT Account Management.

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Separation Collaboration – I couldn’t have asked for a better process and result

The process of Separation Collaboration allowed us to express ourselves, our feelings and our wants about the future, yet creating boundaries of respect in the way we spoke to one another and acknowledging the emotional pain we were both in, without delving too deeply into that, so as to continue

Mother of Three
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