Separation and Divorce Advice – Melbourne Office

We offer expert separation and divorce advice in Melbourne, focused on helping you streamline the legal process and negotiate directly with your former partner.

Our highly trained advisors work with one party, and find that this usually improves outcomes for both parties and any children. We help you understand the legal process, prepare for negotiations, and devise financial or parenting plans.

We are committed to helping you save money, make informed decisions and act with integrity throughout.

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Anna Vote, a Melbourne based separation and divorce advisor

Anna Vote – BSc Psych (Hons) – Melbourne

Prior to joining Separation and Divorce in early 2011, Anna completed her BSc in Psychology (Honours) having previously had over 12 years’ experience in Human Resource Consulting and IT Account Management. Anna has proven expertise in strategic planning, negotiation, communication and coaching individuals to reach their goals. She is known for building strong relationships with her clients based on integrity and trust.  Her own experience of a marriage breakdown involving a young family provides her with a unique insight and understanding of the emotional, legal and practical processes involved.

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I was so lucky to find Anna who gave me compassionate but firm separation advice

I was lucky enough to find Anna Vote who gave me separation advice at a very tough time in my life. Anna was able to quickly understand my needs, and to see, foresee, and assist me to solve problems in a sensitive and responsive manner. Anna was open about discussing how we could best work

Mother of three, Associate Director Health Services Consulting
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