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Divorce: The Seven Essential Steps to help you through the Divorce PROCESS

June 4, 2014

Divorce hits you hard whatever your circumstances. Like a tsunami, overwhelming waves of anxiety, grief and anger can come crashing down on you without warning. You are left feeling alone, rudderless and without a compass. Without a map, it feels almost impossible to navigate the divorce journey. While no pill will

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DIY Divorce Settlement Negotiations – Why Not? (Part One)

October 27, 2013

It is a truism that for most people, the idea of DIY divorce negotiations with their ex is an overwhelmingly confronting and challenging concept. It is also a truism, however, that such DIY divorce negotiations are the cheapest and most efficient way of coming to a divorce settlement.  Direct negotiations with

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Separation & Divorce Advisors’ sincere, strategic, constructive and balanced advice was invaluable…

Separation & Divorce Advisors were sincere, direct and provided clear and strategically helpful advice, advice that allowed the approach to be fair and constructive for both parties. The process of separating is both emotional and difficult for the best of individuals.Separation &

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