Anna has been an amazing support, sounding board and realist.

Over the past few years Anna has been fundamental in helping me get through what could have been a very messy separation. Her knowledge and ability to be one step ahead was comforting. I knew I could put my trust in her. Anna was always professional, calm and dealt in the facts, something I didn’t always do. She enabled me to take some control and helped me secure a good and fair result. For someone who needed so much help, I am so grateful she was recommended to me. I can highly recommend her.

Jacqueline’s support and guidance, was fundamental in the process.

Working with Jacqueline through the separation and collaboration process made a very difficult separation easier. Her compassion for both of us, and gentle supportive approach, helped us negotiate an outcome and reduce the financial and emotional impact of divorce on our family. Jacqueline’s support and guidance, was fundamental in the process. I could not recommend Jacqueline’s highly enough to any couple wanting the best possible outcome for each other and their family.

Collaborating together with Jacqueline helped us focus on the key priorities – our children

We wanted to separate amicably and not ruin our future relationship by fighting each other using lawyers – especially because we will be in each others lives frequently as we continue to work together & raise our kids.

It’s an awful situation that you just don’t need to make worse. Collaborating together with Jacqueline helped us focus on the key priorities (our children), understand & agree to what is fair and move quickly towards an outcome that both of us can accept.

Jacqueline mediated very well and we could practically agree on many items quickly. I shudder to think about the time & cost this would of incurred using individual representation – let alone the emotional drain this would be on your life.

Free Webinar – Love & Money, Finding Domestic Bliss: 10thousandgirl

Jacquie Wharton joins Zoe from 10thousandgirl, along with finance industry veteran Virginia Heyer, in the webinar Love & Money, Finding Domestic Bliss.

The webinar aims to provide practical tools to assist couples in having healthy conversations around money and finance.

The topics discussed include:

  • Understanding your own attitude to money, where these attitudes come from, and how it can impact your intimate relationship
  • How to have the ‘money’ conversation with your lover/partner/husband
  • Managing the money when one of you – probably you – are the stay at home parent
  • When one of you has a gambling problem – how to broach the topic, where to get help
  • Where to get help if your relationship sours
  • Getting guidance and advice when your settlement comes through.

View the webinar below or click here to read the article.

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