Anna has been an amazing support, sounding board and realist.

Over the past few years Anna has been fundamental in helping me get through what could have been a very messy separation. Her knowledge and ability to be one step ahead was comforting. I knew I could put my trust in her. Anna was always professional, calm and dealt in the facts, something I didn’t always do. She enabled me to take some control and helped me secure a good and fair result. For someone who needed so much help, I am so grateful she was recommended to me. I can highly recommend her.

Anna did everything to help me achieve the best possible result for my daughter.

Anna’s advice was timely, accurate and extremely helpful at the most difficult time of my life. From recommending a great lawyer, to drafting affidavits, to emotional advice and support.  Anna did everything to help me achieve the best possible result for my daughter.

Having her in my corner gave me the confidence and resilience to endure a very trying year.  Her advice enabled me to ensure my daughter’s safety and secure her future.  I can’t thank you enough Anna!

I was so lucky to find Anna who gave me compassionate but firm separation advice

I was lucky enough to find Anna Vote who gave me separation advice at a very tough time in my life. Anna was able to quickly understand my needs, and to see, foresee, and assist me to solve problems in a sensitive and responsive manner.

Anna was open about discussing how we could best work together, which I found refreshing. She lead me through my tough times with gentleness and compassion, while also providing the firmness I needed on occasion to stop the procrastination and keep going.

Anna was great at preparing me for the next step, and looking at ways I could save lawyer dollars. She pointed out the ‘left of field’ things to think about, which may have otherwise been missed.

Anna is warm and insightful and she clearly ‘gets’ the complexities of human relationships, and how people are affected when things are falling apart. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna to people experiencing separation and divorce. She was a calming and steadying influence in an often stormy sea.

Mother of three, Associate Director Health Services Consulting

Strategic Plan for Dealing with Separation

With Anna Vote’s assistance I was able to take some of the emotion, hurt and pain out of the dialogue with my former partner and behave in a civil and conciliatory manner during a very trying time in my life. Anna has a great ability to listen and then work out what are the key issues that require attention. She kept me focused on the big picture, help me identify and be clear about my goals and come up with a strategic plan for dealing with separation. I highly recommend Anna and Separation and Divorce Advisors for anyone going through a separation.

Divorce Support and Amazing Guidance

I just wanted to express my eternal thanks to Anna Vote for the support and amazing guidance she has given me over a very painful period of my life. At the end of this process I can reflect and feel assured that I have made the right decisions and don’t regret any part of the process, and have come out the other side much better than expected.