Anna has been an amazing support, sounding board and realist.

Over the past few years Anna has been fundamental in helping me get through what could have been a very messy separation. Her knowledge and ability to be one step ahead was comforting. I knew I could put my trust in her. Anna was always professional, calm and dealt in the facts, something I didn’t always do. She enabled me to take some control and helped me secure a good and fair result. For someone who needed so much help, I am so grateful she was recommended to me. I can highly recommend her.

Jacqueline’s support and guidance, was fundamental in the process.

Working with Jacqueline through the separation and collaboration process made a very difficult separation easier. Her compassion for both of us, and gentle supportive approach, helped us negotiate an outcome and reduce the financial and emotional impact of divorce on our family. Jacqueline’s support and guidance, was fundamental in the process. I could not recommend Jacqueline’s highly enough to any couple wanting the best possible outcome for each other and their family.

I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.

I can’t recommend Anna highly enough – having Anna as someone I could rely on to guide me through the complicated messy process of separation meant that she helped me navigate through a really challenging time in my life with confidence. Not only was she super helpful but was always thoughtful about what I was dealing with, and she had a 6th sense of what would help me to deal with what was coming next.

Separation Collaboration – I couldn’t have asked for a better process and result

The process of Separation Collaboration allowed us to express ourselves, our feelings and our wants about the future, yet creating boundaries of respect in the way we spoke to one another and acknowledging the emotional pain we were both in, without delving too deeply into that, so as to continue to keep the ball rolling in moving forward in the separation process. It was an honest, raw and real approach where both parties were heard.