Anna demonstrated such a level-headed, thorough and practical approach

I am incredibly grateful for Anna’s expertise in assisting with navigating a gruelling and difficult separation from my ex-husband. Anna demonstrated such a level-headed, thorough and practical approach at the times when dealing with such a high conflict ex-husband became almost too much. Importantly, Anna showed me practical methods to respond with a measured, informed and calm approach to protect my wellbeing and that of my children.

I discovered that going through a separation/divorce is very much a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and in many cases Anna proved to fill the ‘gap’ of information, consideration and empathy that sometimes my solicitor did not provide.

Anna always informed me with compassion and understanding about processes and pitfalls of the legal system. Importantly, always central to her approach was mine and my children’s wellbeing. Anna’s unique combination of understanding human behaviour, negotiation and Family Law has in practical terms saved legal costs, therapy costs and at times my sanity.

I cannot recommend Jacqueline and her team highly enough

Jacqueline provided exceptional advice and guidance throughout my separation and divorce. Her commitment to support and guide me went over and above my expectations. She not only gave me some clarity with regards to my decision making requirements but provided the scaffolding I needed to receive a realistic, achievable and ultimately satisfying outcome from my divorce. The advisory service enabled most of the negotiations to take place prior to the engagement of a family lawyer which provided piece of mind and degree of security for the future. I always felt she had mine and my children’s best interests at heart.

I cannot recommend Jacqueline and her team highly enough for the service they provide during the divorce process.

Jacqueline has provided me logical and considered guidance and support over the past two years

To have Jacqueline provide clarity around the realities of the process, and then follow up with practical strategies to negotiate every step has been invaluable. While it’s been such a difficult period, I genuinely couldn’t have achieved the positive outcomes we did without Jacqueline’s help.

Jacqueline brings great credibility in terms of her knowledge and talent for negotiation, conflict resolution and communication. Most importantly though, Jacqueline is a genuinely good person and promotes integrity, respect and honesty as key to the resolution process.  Jacqueline, her team and network of contacts were all excellent.

I am so very grateful for Jacqueline’s support, and her willingness to be available (sometimes at ridiculous times!), to share her experience and in maintaining perspective on what’s really important during the process.

We can’t thank you enough for your calming guidance and help.

Thank you for helping my brother through his settlement. He has now received his settlement. Through the process it helped him to set positive boundaries with his kid’s mother.  Your help progressed things very quickly and I wanted you to know the positive outcome.  We can’t thank you enough for your calming guidance and help.

A divorce expert who also displays compassion and empathy

Having never experienced a divorce before I was blindsided by how little I knew of the relevant law, and process. My first meeting with Jacqueline was very extensive and I left feeling much better (albeit emotionally drained!) about the road ahead.

In addition to Jacqueline’s knowledge of the process, her empathetic nature and care for her clients was very apparent, and extremely comforting during this turbulent time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jacqueline to anyone in need of a divorce expert who also displays compassion and empathy.