Mamamia: 'I'm a divorce coach. Here's how to use the SEEK principle to find your perfect partner.'

Tips & News - Mamamia: ‘I’m a divorce coach. Here’s how to use the SEEK principle to find your perfect partner.’

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Jacqueline Wharton recently wrote this article for Mamamia about how to find your ‘perfect’ partner.

“I believe that instead of fixating on “what” your partner is (or should be) – blonde, educated, wealthy – it’s crucial to focus on “who” they are. More importantly, it’s critical that early on, you make an honest evaluation of how your partner makes you feel – and how you make them feel.

I call it the SEEK principle.”

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You did a stellar job in helping us navigate a very difficult situation

We are signed, done and dusted. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help through this stressful process. You hear horror stories about how legals play out and cause so much long term damage to your future relationships to your ex – let alone decimating your finances – and I’m just glad

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