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Business Divorce Services

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Divorce has rightly been recognised as the second most stressful life event after the death of a child or spouse.  What is often overlooked, however, is how divorce and separation dramatically impacts on a person’s working life, their business colleagues and subsequently their workplace.

Our business divorce services aim to help your employees to resolve their separation and divorce issues with their former partner in an efficient, empathetic and supported way that will help them both move forward as quickly as possible.

The hidden business cost of divorce

With more than one third of marriages – and even more de-facto relationships – in Australia ending each year, divorce has now been highlighted as a hidden cost of business that many organisations are ill-equipped to deal with.

Recent research has found that the average employee misses 168 hours of work in the year that he or she goes through a separation.

The average ‘presenteeism’ during divorce (whereby an employee is present but not actively working because of their anxiety and stress) has been estimated as being equivalent to that employee missing 4.5 weeks of work.

Significant also for employers is that 50% of employees leave their employment following divorce due to increased stress, new demands and financial needs.

In our view, such research does not paint a full picture of the pervasive nature of divorce on individual employees. In particular, the impact of divorce on an employee’s work relationships is hard to estimate, with colleagues and team members having to deal with a person who is distracted and often very emotional.

With more than one third of marriages (not including de facto relationships) ending in Australia each year, divorce has now been highlighted as a hidden cost of business that many organisations are ill equipped to deal with.

A recent survey of employees in Britain found that only 10% of employees believed their employer offered appropriate support for divorcing employees. Fifty percent of those surveyed who were separated believed that the employers need to offer more support and informed assistance to divorcing employees.

Most companies now see the commercial and ethical value in supporting employees through divorce.

Many companies are now understanding that the key to their employee’s sustainable productivity is to meet their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.4   By supporting their people, they free them up so that they can bring greater and more positive energy to their work.

Assisting and supporting your employees through the divorce process not only helps your business because of increased productivity, BUT, we believe that your employee’s appreciation of your support during this life-changing time will inevitably lead to them becoming more engaged and loyal.  Your support will assist your employee from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

SDA – Separation and Divorce Specialists

Our overarching goal is for our clients to resolve their separation and divorce issues with their former partner in an efficient, empathetic and supported way that will help them both move forward with integrity and fewer regrets.

Separation and Divorce Advisors provide specialised divorce strategy, advice and support to assist clients navigate the legal, financial, parental and emotional aspects of their separation and divorce.  Our aim is to help our clients make good and well informed decisions about their divorce in a supportive and empathetic environment.  In particular, we help our clients to:

·      formulate a divorce plan which includes their parental and financial goals;

·      understand the divorce process from a legal perspective;

·      prepare a negotiation strategy, for mediation and other communications with their former partner;

·      obtain any relevant family law or financial advice – and to assist our clients manage such relationships during the divorce process; and

·      support them in their parenting and the more practical day to day issues that arise during divorce.

Help when your employees need it.

We believe that one of the most effective ways that stress can be reduced during the divorce process is by having an advisor readily available to support them who can help them formulate an individual divorce plan.

Unlike psychologists and lawyers, we do much of our work on the phone and are then more readily available to our clients (we can respond to urgency).  We are committed to providing valuable, supportive and cost-effective advice in a prompt manner, always responding to our clients within 24 hours.  This is because we understand how important it is for our clients to know that their advisor is available to them at all times – sometimes all that is needed is a quick call for our clients to recalibrate and be able to refocus.

We offer ongoing, regular support or merely occasional guidance – whatever suits our client’s particular needs.

Our Advisers have backgrounds in psychology and/or law.  We are based in Sydney, Melbourne and the Central Coast NSW although support is offered Australia-wide.

Our current hourly rates are $185 per hour plus GST.

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Jacqueline has provided me logical and considered guidance and support over the past two years

To have Jacqueline provide clarity around the realities of the process, and then follow up with practical strategies to negotiate every step has been invaluable. While it’s been such a difficult period, I genuinely couldn’t have achieved the positive outcomes we did without Jacqueline’s

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