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After separation or divorce, parents remain the pillars of their children’s lives. While you and your former partner may be at different stages of your post separation journey and starting new lives, your children will always need you to offer strength and love during what can be an anxious time for them. Parenting plans are an important way to protect their best interests.

Parenting plans are vital, even when you part amicably

A parenting plan is a crucial document when children are involved in a relationship breakdown. Many people may part on amicable terms and feel that a detailed parenting plan are not needed. But having a clear parenting plan or agreement gives everyone more certainty and less stress about what will happen going forward.

Parenting Orders, not Parenting Plans or Agreement, are enforceable

Even when people part amicably, there is always a risk that their relationship will sour after time – for example when step parents are brought into the picture or when one partner seeks to physically move.

If there may be a risk of this occurring, then it is best to talk with your lawyer about obtaining Parenting Orders – which are court orders about parenting which are enforceable.  Your parenting agreement is not legally binding unless it is filed and adopted by the Court via Parenting Orders.

Agree on the details up front

Parenting orders that are filed with and are then enforceable by the Court are often simple at best, without detailing everyday interactions and responsibilities. Even where there are Parenting Orders in place, you may want to consider preparing a parenting plan or agreement, which may go into more detail about your parenting relationship.

Proactively plan in your children’s best interests

We can help identify any individual issues at stake for your children, and help you negotiate an agreement in their best interests.

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