Separation and Divorce Advice for Individuals -

Separation and Divorce Advice for Individuals

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Our goal is to assist you to comprehensively explore your options in relation to your divorce and separation in a supportive environment and in a strategic manner.

We assist you to reach your parenting and financial goals and to help you manage uncertainty and/or interpersonal conflict while planning for, during, or after your separation.


This may include the following services:

Our primary role and responsibility as the Advisor in this relationship is to:

  • Assist you to identify your financial and parenting issues and goals and develop a negotiation strategy to help you achieve them;
  • Assist you to improve your face to face and written communication with your former partner;
  • Assist you to resolve a dispute or prevent a potential dispute with your former partner from escalating unnecessarily;
  • Help to identify the legal issues involved in your situation and prepare for receiving advice;
  • Help you build conflict management competence and confidence;
  • Assist you to prepare for and engage in financial, parenting or other negotiations with your former partner;
  • Assist you to navigate the many practical aspects of separation and divorce; and
  • Help you to prepare a draft parenting plan which is in your child/ren’s best interests.

One of our over-arching goals is to significantly reduce your legal fees.

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We can’t thank you enough for your calming guidance and help.

Thank you for helping my brother through his settlement. He has now received his settlement. Through the process it helped him to set positive boundaries with his kid’s mother.  Your help progressed things very quickly and I wanted you to know the positive outcome.  We can’t thank you enough

Father of Two, Financial Industry
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