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Separation Collaboration for Couples

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Separation Collaboration provides a constructive framework for separating couples who share an intent to reach agreements with respect to their financial and/or parenting matters in an amicable, transparent and dignified manner.

Separation Collaboration is an effective option when the separation is mutual or when the parties have a deep respect for one another despite disappointments and frustrations that may stem from their relationship. Hence the process does not suit every separating couple.

If there is an imbalance of power, limited common ground/polarised views and a lack of shared respect, alternative pathways such as Family Dispute Resolution and/or legally assisted negotiation will be more appropriate.

How Does Separation Collaboration Differ From Mediation?

The Separation Collaboration process differs from the standard Family Dispute Resolution Process (mediation).

Separation Collaboration involves your Advisor working with you and your partner together and separately to identify how to best navigate and resolve the myriad of financial and parenting issues that arise through divorce. Our role is to support you as individuals and as a couple through the process, and provide you both with legal information, options and guidance with the goal of reaching amicable agreements.

What Does a Separation Collaboration Process Involve?

  • Provision of information on family law principles and processes;
  • Collaboration assistance. We will explain and help you navigate the practical steps and considerations underpinning the parenting and financial arrangements that typically follow a relationship breakdown;
  • Review of budgets and financials (and engagement with your accountant or financial planner if relevant and required);
  • Conflict and communication coaching;
  • Practical planning;
  • Financial Settlement proposal development, evaluation and drafting;
  • Parenting Plan input and drafting. We provide advice on common parenting issues experienced by parents who no longer live together. We will help both parties identify their parenting goals. We will explain what is meant by “in the best interests of the child” in a practical sense and help you to identify ways to incorporate these principles into your parenting arrangements.

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Collaborating together with Jacqueline helped us focus on the key priorities – our children

We wanted to separate amicably and not ruin our future relationship by fighting each other using lawyers - especially because we will be in each others lives frequently as we continue to work together & raise our kids. It's an awful situation that you just don't need to make worse.

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