Jacqueline Wharton, a Sydney based separation and divorce advisor

See our and other expert’s advice regarding how to deal with divorce in the workplace in an article recently published in The Business Woman Media: Overcoming the Business Impact of a Divorce (by Natalie Cupac)We will also be publishing a blog very soon “Work and Divorce” which will give you some other tips on how to approach your work and career following divorce or separation.

 “A lot of the discussion about whether women really can have it all has centred on whether they can balance a successful career with a successful relationship. But many women will at one time have to do another balancing act: overcoming the business impact of a divorce.

How do you cope and bounce back better than ever? There are a lot of different ways you can deal with this difficult stage, and we asked a range of divorced and successful businesswomen for their tips not only for surviving, but thriving.”

Read the full article here.

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