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Tips & News - What to consider if you’re in the process of a divorce and a global pandemic strikes?

Originally published on Verve Super website by Jacqueline Wharton.

This pandemic has challenged even the sturdiest of relationships, as confinement pushes many couples towards separation.

China is currently experiencing a sudden spike in divorce rates. It’s possible that Australia will see a similar trend emerge when lockdown eases.

While coronavirus is likely to prompt many new separations, there are already couples who had begun the process prior to the outbreak and who are now navigating separation in the age of a global pandemic.

Potential health concerns, shared custody and financial challenges are further complicating an already murky emotional landscape for divorcing partners. No matter what stage of separation you might be in, the virus is likely to have an impact on your process of uncoupling.

As a Divorce and Separation expert I have witnessed this struggle with many of my clients. Questions about how to negotiate a financial split now that one or both have lost their jobs, how to deal with real estate decisions or the valuation of a business in the current market are echoed in each video call. The uncertainty is making already challenging decisions even harder.

If you or someone you know is currently navigating divorce during this time, here is what to consider when making decisions related to the separation.

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