I would highly recommend Jacqueline

Jacqueline’s guidance, empathy, practical approach and advice was invaluable at what was a very tumultuous and emotional time – I’m not sure I would have come through my separation as well as I did without her help – I would highly recommend her.

Mother of Two Adult Children
Human Resources

Anna was professional, warm, approachable, available, trustworthy and supportive

Anna was professional, warm, approachable, available, trustworthy and supportive of each of us and an incredible person to have facilitating the process alongside us.

We chose to approach the separation with an intention of doing it with ease and grace. She was fully supportive of this and our desire to maintain respect and to compromise, always helping us to communicate with each other as that this outcome was achieved. And it was!

Thank you, we are deeply appreciative of you and what you helped us achieve. It was an outcome that all of us are at peace with.

Mother of Three
Business Owner

Best thing SDA could do is hire more people

Jacqueline was amazing, She was always available, and gave a well balanced view of the situation I was facing. The strategies that we put in place were key to me getting the outcome in court, that I wanted. My final hearing was two months ago and Jacqueline was the key to my success in getting regular time back with my son. I will be forever grateful.  The best thing she can do is hire and train more people like her!

Father of One

Jacqueline helped us avoid court through the Separation Collaboration process

Jacqueline helped us navigate such a difficult time always pulling our focus back to what was in the best interests of our child. She guided us through future scenarios we hadn’t even considered and offered a framework to set up a co parenting arrangement that was as amicable and fair to both parties as possible. Her listening skills were excellent which in particular helped us move through the difficult times.

In summary, I believe she helped us avoid court!

Separation Collaboration Client, Parent of One

Jacqueline was a real support

Jacqueline was great. She was a real support and it helped that she had personal experience in this field.  She was heartfelt in the Separation Collaboration process.

Separation Collaboration Client, Parent of Three
IT Industry

We simply could not have got through it without Jacqueline

Whilst the separation was the hardest thing I have done in my life I found that Jacqueline made the process so much easier for everyone involved with the right balance of compassion and firm guidance where needed. We simply could not have got through it without her.

Separation Collaboration Client, Parent of Three

I cannot recommend Jacqueline and her team highly enough

Jacqueline provided exceptional advice and guidance throughout my separation and divorce. Her commitment to support and guide me went over and above my expectations. She not only gave me some clarity with regards to my decision making requirements but provided the scaffolding I needed to receive a realistic, achievable and ultimately satisfying outcome from my divorce. The advisory service enabled most of the negotiations to take place prior to the engagement of a family lawyer which provided piece of mind and degree of security for the future. I always felt she had mine and my children’s best interests at heart.

I cannot recommend Jacqueline and her team highly enough for the service they provide during the divorce process.

Mother of two teenage boys, Health Practitioner

Being able to map out the process involved was very helpful

Being able to map out the process involved was very helpful, and I always had clarity on the next step. The team at Separation and Divorce Advisors provided constant communication, as well as constant help/strategies to respond to emotional challenges on the spot in a way that maintained control, and was fair and balanced.

Father of One, Industry Executive

Jacqueline has provided me logical and considered guidance and support over the past two years

To have Jacqueline provide clarity around the realities of the process, and then follow up with practical strategies to negotiate every step has been invaluable. While it’s been such a difficult period, I genuinely couldn’t have achieved the positive outcomes we did without Jacqueline’s help.

Jacqueline brings great credibility in terms of her knowledge and talent for negotiation, conflict resolution and communication. Most importantly though, Jacqueline is a genuinely good person and promotes integrity, respect and honesty as key to the resolution process.  Jacqueline, her team and network of contacts were all excellent.

I am so very grateful for Jacqueline’s support, and her willingness to be available (sometimes at ridiculous times!), to share her experience and in maintaining perspective on what’s really important during the process.

Father of one (Executive, Motor Industry)

We can’t thank you enough for your calming guidance and help.

Thank you for helping my brother through his settlement. He has now received his settlement. Through the process it helped him to set positive boundaries with his kid’s mother.  Your help progressed things very quickly and I wanted you to know the positive outcome.  We can’t thank you enough for your calming guidance and help.

Father of Two, Financial Industry

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Collaborating together with Jacqueline helped us focus on the key priorities – our children

We wanted to separate amicably and not ruin our future relationship by fighting each other using lawyers - especially because we will be in each others lives frequently as we continue to work together & raise our kids. It's an awful situation that you just don't need to make worse.

Mother of three
Health Industry
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