I was so lucky to find Anna who gave me compassionate but firm separation advice

I was lucky enough to find Anna Vote who gave me separation advice at a very tough time in my life. Anna was able to quickly understand my needs, and to see, foresee, and assist me to solve problems in a sensitive and responsive manner.

Anna was open about discussing how we could best work together, which I found refreshing. She lead me through my tough times with gentleness and compassion, while also providing the firmness I needed on occasion to stop the procrastination and keep going.

Anna was great at preparing me for the next step, and looking at ways I could save lawyer dollars. She pointed out the ‘left of field’ things to think about, which may have otherwise been missed.

Anna is warm and insightful and she clearly ‘gets’ the complexities of human relationships, and how people are affected when things are falling apart. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna to people experiencing separation and divorce. She was a calming and steadying influence in an often stormy sea.

Mother of three, Associate Director Health Services Consulting

Mother of three, Associate Director Health Services Consulting

Separation & Divorce Advisors, thank you for being there for me through my divorce

Separation & Divorce Advisors I would like to say a huge thank you for your time and being there for me through my divorce.  I felt I could trust you and you would not judge me.  I would like to say you have been most helpful and supportive, your knowledge and expertise has given me confidence and has increased my self esteem to get through this chapter in my life and my children’s lives. Your guidance has allowed me to prepare for the future positively. Separation & Divorce Advisors, it was a privilege to have worked with you. Your knowledge, support and guidance will benefit all your future clients. I wish you well for the future.

Mother of Two

Thinking about divorce, please call Separation and Divorce Advisors

I contacted Separation and Divorce Advisors when I was thinking about divorce as it was very hard for me to communicate with my husband regarding our separation/divorce & care for our daughter. There were many times where I felt unsafe & vulnerable. The first meeting with them was fantastic. They listened to my story & asked questions so they could get the picture of my situation. They took the time to get to know me & my values are & what I hold dear to me.   They knew that my daughter was & is my number 1 consideration & that was why I had to improve communications with a very difficult ex partner. I cannot recommend Separation and Divorce Advisors highly enough. If you are ever in this horrible divorce situation, please call them as they helped me out in this most distressing time.

Mother of One, Corporate

Separation and Divorce Advisors were a godsend in my divorce

Amidst an extremely difficult and dark time in my marriage and separation, Separation and Divorce Advisors were a godsend.  They were the ideal people to listen objectively to my story. I felt supported without being judged from our first meeting.  Their compassion shines through.  It is clear that they has a deep understanding of the human condition.  With their gentle guidance, I was able to step back, gather my thoughts and see the big picture. Still hanging in there. Thank you so much SD Advisors.

Father of two, married 31 years (Executive)

Excellent common sense divorce advice

SDA helped ease me through this challenging part of my and my children’s life. Excellent common sense divorce advice was forthcoming at a time when I wasn’t sure which way to go. Naturally few people are ever prepared for any of this. SDA and Jacquie were.

Father of two children, (Marketing Executive)

Jacquie provided an exemplary service

Jacquie provided an exemplary service with sensible, practical advice and a fast response rate in my parenting dispute.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Father of Daughter (Legal Services)

Jacquie was my rock in my divorce

I appointed Jacquie as my divorce advisor very early in the demise of my marriage. There were many factors to consider and I wasn’t sure what direction to take. Do I appoint a lawyer, do I handle negotiations myself, where am I going to live with my children, what are my entitlements etc etc etc. It took a bit of time but  I’m now financially settled, and have a Binding Child Support Agreement. Jacquie was my rock, my link between what I believed to be an impossible situation, to a happy outcome. I’m empowered now. I have my children, my house, employment, and most of all my sanity. I could not have done this without Jacquie. She was there when I needed her, she helped me to negotiate and respond to my ex, she supported and understood me on the really tough days and she was intrinsic to the resulting stability for my children and my happiness. Divorce is riddled with grief and insidious complications. It is so very difficult, Jacquie made it bearable and not so difficult.

Mother of two teenagers, Small Business Owner and Educator

The Minefields of Divorce

I have been thinking about you a lot recently and just want to say, from a very old client, thank you so much Jacqueline for the kind and proficient way you guided me through all the minefields of divorce. I hope you and all of yours are happy and well.

Father of three older children (Small Business Owner)

Separation Advice – I feel well set up for the future

A mother of two from Sydney found our separation advice services provided her with the ability to see a positive future.

Separation and Divorce Advisors (SDA) came through a referral and I couldn’t be happier for the introduction. At a time where I felt confused and lost SDA provided me with clear information and a framework in which to approach my separation in a positive and constructive manner. I feel well set up for the future as a result.

Mother of Two
Financial Services

Separation and Divorce Advisors gave me clear and sensible advice

A small business owner, and mother of two, reflects on Separation and Divorce Advisor’s clear and sensible divorce advice at a time I needed it most.

I would hate to think where I might be now without the patience and wisdom of Separation and Divorce Advisors. They provided the most clear and sensible advice!! Separation and Divorce Advisors was so friendly and open and were responsive to whatever crisis I was dealing with on the day.  Their high degree of warmth, compassion, attentiveness and their great insight bought much needed clarity to my life, which was incredibly comforting. Thank you Separation and Divorce Advisors – you were a blessing in my life.

Mother of 2 older children
Small Business Owner, Sydney area

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Jacquie, your kindness, understanding and knowledge is priceless…

What a journey? Although it will be something I feel from now on it will be background noise. I just wanted to thank you Jacquie from the bottom on my heart. Your kindness, understanding and knowledge is priceless when facing the difficult journey of divorce. Thanks for keeping me on track to get

Mother of two young children, Health Industry
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