A divorce expert who also displays compassion and empathy

Having never experienced a divorce before I was blindsided by how little I knew of the relevant law, and process. My first meeting with Jacqueline was very extensive and I left feeling much better (albeit emotionally drained!) about the road ahead.

In addition to Jacqueline’s knowledge of the process, her empathetic nature and care for her clients was very apparent, and extremely comforting during this turbulent time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jacqueline to anyone in need of a divorce expert who also displays compassion and empathy.

Male, Father of two
Financial Services

Jacqueline’s knowledge of the separation and divorce process was exceptional

Jacqueline’s knowledge of the separation and divorce process was exceptional. She was able to explain everything simply and with empathy. She referred me to other great professionals but was always there for me throughout. Jacqueline was a wonderful listener and made me feel comfortable even when giving me unbiased advice. She always followed up with me throughout my journey and was always there for me. The starting process of formalising a separation was very difficult emotionally. Jacqueline is very aware of this and showed endless patience and empathy. I would have no hesitation in contacting her again or recommending her to anyone in the future.

Mother of three adult children, Professional Health Services

Divorce guidance and advice

Jacqui was there and available to guide me through a process I knew nothing about initially.

As required she put me in contact with the relevant people appropriate for my needs and we got a better than expected financial and custodial result.

Father of one, Surgeon

Anna’s equipped me with the skills & knowledge to build my confidence.

I was fortunate to meet Anna half way through family law (parenting) proceedings. This was just after I had an FDRS conference. I was at a very low point. Anna understood my situation and how I was feeling. She explained legal process in a truthful and frank manner, better than any lawyers I had dealt with. I was so grateful to have her support and guidance from here on.

Anna helped with the day to day problems with my ex, my child’s behaviours, handling professionals and the legal response. She equipped me with the skills and knowledge to build my confidence and give me a sense of hope and control. I learnt that I had the ability to be assertive. Anna’s method is purposeful and she is very strategic. Anna is highly professional and ethical in her work. I couldn’t have reached the outcome I obtained without her.

Mother, Landscape Architect

Jacqueline, your kindness, understanding and knowledge is priceless

What a journey! Although it will always be something in my life, I feel from now on it will be background noise. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness, understanding and knowledge is priceless when facing the difficult journey of divorce. Thanks for keeping me on track to get an outcome with minimal collateral damage. Your foundation of empathy and the way you engage and connect is truly unique and what makes what you do incomparable.

Mother of two young girls, Health Industry

Jacqueline clarified and simplified what was important

During my long, drawn-out divorce, Jacqueline was an enormous help to me with her insight into my husband’s difficult behaviour.

She also clarified and simplified what was important, for instance in my financial choices for a possible property settlement – helping me to see the big picture rather than being caught up in the details of the Family Law Court battle.

Mother of two adult sons, Business owner

Jacqueline is extremely professional, strategic and efficient

Jacqueline helped me to hugely minimise my legal bills and gave professional and personal support beyond words. Jacqueline is different to other professionals that I met during the journey because she cares about her customers and understands how the challenges of a divorce affects people’s lives. I will be forever grateful for having her in my team.

Jacqueline is fantastic and super easy to work with, and pleasant, understanding and accommodating and I have a lot of gratitude for having you by my side during the journey.

Mother of two (Small business owner)

Jacqueline is an angel with wings

“Thank you Jacqueline – It has been a long slow burn and I could not have made it this far without your great advice, guidance and support”

I still remember my first meeting with Jacqueline and instantly felt at ease talking with her.  With Jacqueline’s guidance, support and advice I was able to start my very long, stressful and painful journey.

Jacqueline has always been available and very generous with her time. She has been very supportive, empathetic and provided me with such valuable advice which kept me moving forward.  Often when I felt in a very dark and lonely space, Jacqueline would make things seem achievable and put things back in perspective.

I could not have got to where I am now without Jacqueline and I always felt she had my children and my best interest at heart.  I will always be grateful for her guidance, sincerity and caring approach.

Mother of Two, Retail

Justice I felt had been served by the end

Jacqui prepared me for the battle ahead by calling me, “Joan of Arc.” She reminded me continuously, as I faced each new confrontation (with integrity) I need to be “Teflon” — non-stick.

The situation turned around because of the good people around me, who turned it around. They kept me strong, and kept me going through a difficult process.

Often, I felt fragile and vulnerable with the endless legal wranglings and aggressive stance from my former husband.

However I endured and perserved and won the race. Justice I felt had been served by the end.

Woman, Education executive

Having Jacqueline involved made a world of difference.

I can’t speak highly enough of the support and advice provided by Jacqueline. She combines warm empathy with clear, practical strategies and helped achieve an outcome I wouldn’t have thought possible. From my experience, going through separation – especially with children involved – can be hugely painful and needlessly expensive. Having Jacqueline involved made a world of difference.

Mother of One, Professional

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Separation Collaboration – I couldn’t have asked for a better process and result

The process of Separation Collaboration allowed us to express ourselves, our feelings and our wants about the future, yet creating boundaries of respect in the way we spoke to one another and acknowledging the emotional pain we were both in, without delving too deeply into that, so as to continue

Mother of Three
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