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Separating from my husband was a profound, and without doubt most challenging experience of my life, and to be frank, I’m not sure how I would have managed without SD Advisor’s wise, non-judgmental and sensitive divorce counsel and support. With warmth and sympathy they provided clarity, helping me to identify and prioritise the issues I needed to address to facilitate the best possible outcomes for myself and my children. Importantly they helped me avoid make a difficult situation worse, by providing strategies to assist me communicate with my husband to achieve my desired results, while avoiding unnecessarily provocative or emotional language in an, at times, highly charged and stressful situation. This means my husband and I continue to successfully co-parent our children and move forward towards our eventual divorce and financial settlement with significantly less acrimony than might otherwise have been the case. I have nothing but positive things to say about SD Advisors, and couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Mother of two
Small Business Owner, Sydney area

Jacquie was an invaluable asset for divorce advice…

It goes without saying that divorce is a truly soul destroying and difficult time.

But Jacquie was an invaluable asset. Even though I had a lawyer, I desperately needed someone else who could answer my questions, provide divorce advice who was available and who didn’t charge astronomically!  Thankfully Jacquie was recommended to me in the fairly early stages of my divorce.  Jacquie helped me understand the family law system and how to best negotiate a settlement for me and my children.  She also helped me formulate parenting plans and financial budgets.

Jacquie always ensured she was available to either speak or meet with me to help resolve any issue that arose along the way – and there were many!  She also liaised with my lawyer and financial advisor which provided me with an added peace of mind that I had the best possible team looking out for me and my children.  Jacquie always had the children’s best interests in mind.

I thoroughly recommend Jacquie to anyone who finds themselves faced with divorce and a difficult ex.

Mother of two, Sales

I was dealing with an adept and complex negotiator…

Jacquie and SD Advisors were recommended to me by my financial adviser at a time when I had already received a proposal from my ex-husband that didn’t provide enough financial support for my future and they were concerned that I would be disadvantaged from the divorce settlement. I was dealing with an adept and complex negotiator, who needed hard facts and reasons throughout the process in order to come to a resolution that would service the whole family. Jacquie was able to divert the emotions into clear thinking and encourage me to spend time working out figures and outcomes based on different realities and kept me strong and steadfast in the face of a very emotional and draining situation. Because of her vast knowledge, how the system works and her experience, I felt able to make decisions and negotiate without having to compromise on my future and the best interests of my boys. With Jacquie’s help in getting me to grow through the process I was able to negotiate the outcome that I wanted. I had great legal advice but I wish I’d sought her help earlier on in the process. I would highly recommend anyone going through this unfortunate process to seek expert help from Jacquie and her team to feel supported and positive about the final outcome.

Mother of three boys, Small Business Owner

Mother of three boys, Small Business Owner

Amicable Divorce – Testimonial

A father of three girls comments on his amicable divorce with the guidance of Separation and Divorce Advisors:

I found your help really beneficial (always intriguing to understand more how the female brain works…).
All has been done in an amicable fashion – everything settled and we are now out for a family dinner later this week. 
Thanks again!”

Father of three girls
Financial Services

Experience, Advice and Holistic Approach – Testimonial

Separation and Divorce Advisor’s experience, advice and holistic approach were crucial factors in obtaining a settlement which was both emotionally and financially satisfying. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone going through a separation who wants a positive resolution to the situation.

Father of two
Aviation Industry, Sydney area

A Definite Plan for the Future – Testimonial

When I met with Jacqueline Wharton, I found her to be very warm and approachable. The advice she gave me was clear and relevant to my specific situation, and I left with a definite plan for the future. I thoroughly recommend Jacquie for advice and assistance regarding any marital or de facto issues.

Mother of three, considering separation
Sydney area.

A Difficult Separation Settlement Dispute – Testimonial

I was in the middle of a difficult separation settlement dispute and wasn’t making any real progress, when a friend gave me the details for Separation and Divorce Advisors. I contacted Jacquie and was immediately impressed. She really listened and was not solely focused on the financial aspects of the settlement, but also the very important matter of my relationship with my son.

Father of one
Financial Services

Focused on the Outcome – Testimonial

Thanks again for your help to date, it has really helped me keep focused on the outcome and provided a sounding board for the issues I have been facing and how best to respond to those in the form of a negotiation…. particularly in the early dark days of a divorce in an overseas winter.

Father of two, working in financial services

Navigating the Difficult and Treacherous Waters: Separation and Divorce

Jacquie’s services are a shining light to those individuals navigating the difficult and treacherous waters of separation and divorce. Her calm confidence and knowledgeable manner, coupled with her sensitive communication skills are very reassuring supports when vital decisions and difficult steps have to be taken, as well as when potentially emotive correspondence needs to be drafted. Her demeanour and approach makes a very painful process as humane as possible.

Her highly regarded company fills a much needed gap that I am sure could assist many individuals who are finding separation and divorce unsettling to say the least!

Father of three
Founder and CEO of a Financial Services company, Sydney area

Always the Voice of Reason in my divorce

Thank you so much for your consistent and warm support in the past year Jacqueline. It is hard to believe it has taken so long but I have finally handed the signed financial and child support agreement and application for consent to my solicitors, for them to draw up and file with the courts. A HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders. I appreciate how much help you have given me and your sympathetic ear. Always the voice of reason. The next year is looking exciting.

Mother of two
Working in design, Sydney area

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Separation & Divorce Advisors’ sincere, strategic, constructive and balanced advice was invaluable…

Separation & Divorce Advisors were sincere, direct and provided clear and strategically helpful advice, advice that allowed the approach to be fair and constructive for both parties. The process of separating is both emotional and difficult for the best of individuals.Separation &

Father of 2 children, Retail Executive
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