Thank you so much for all of your help along the way

 Hi Anna,

Thank you so much for all of your help along the way, without it I’m not sure where I would have ended up.  You provided clarity, direction and certainty when I absolutely needed it most, I felt I had absolute trust in you and faith in your second to none knowledge of the process. You challenged me when I needed it, and gave me the information and support to give me my direction, and more so broken down into steps I could comprehend step by step.

Your professionalism, dedication and genuine care for your clients makes you a truly remarkable person, who I am all for a better person in having the pleasure of knowing you at such a difficult time. You are kind, compassionate, considerate and a true professional.

Mother of three, Finance Industry

Thanks for all your support and help Jacquie.

Jacqueline Wharton’s support and advice was crucial in my capacity to deal with the emotional and legal aspects of separation. Not only was Jacquie able to cut through the confusion I was facing she also was able to assist me with the emotional barriers I was battling that were hindering my ability to seek a fair settlement. Just as someone recommended Jacquie to me, I have no hesitation in doing the same. Thanks for all your support and help Jacquie.

Father of two, Academic

I couldn’t have done it without you

Thank you Jacquie for all your help and I thank goodness you came into my life. I couldn’t have done it without you. Lots of love to you and happiness and health and healing.

Mother of two children, Health Industry

Jacquie, your kindness, understanding and knowledge is priceless…

What a journey? Although it will be something I feel from now on it will be background noise. I just wanted to thank you Jacquie from the bottom on my heart. Your kindness, understanding and knowledge is priceless when facing the difficult journey of divorce. Thanks for keeping me on track to get an outcome with minimal collateral. Your foundation of empathy and the way you engage and connect is truly unique and what makes what you do incomparable.

Mother of two young children, Health Industry

Separation & Divorce Advisors’ sincere, strategic, constructive and balanced advice was invaluable…

Separation & Divorce Advisors were sincere, direct and provided clear and strategically helpful advice, advice that allowed the approach to be fair and constructive for both parties.

The process of separating is both emotional and difficult for the best of individuals.Separation & Divorce Advisors’ sincere, but strategic, constructive and balanced advice was invaluable and I would encourage any client to engage with Separation and Divorce Advisors, to achieve a logical and fair outcome in any separation/divorce.

Father of 2 children, Retail Executive

Separation & Divorce Advisors were incredibly constructive & reassuring during my separation

What I found most helpful in working withSeparation & Divorce Advisors was the clarity in which they helped me to understand the different elements of the separation process, including the legal processes involved with Separation & Divorce. They did this with the highest level of attention to detail and professionalism.  Communication from my ex partner was constructively pulled apart allowing me to understand exactly where my ex-partner may have been trying to come from. Despite what I was actually going throughSeparation & Divorce Advisors were very reassuring and calmed my nerves; they helped me to deal with the anger I felt by the responses I was receiving. They was very helpful in diffusing the aggressiveness in the communication, and helped me to gain perspective on what was most important – moving forward with my life. Separation & Divorce Advisors were incredibly constructive, confident and reassuring. I always felt that I could contact their team anytime; they made themselves available when I needed support. I would strongly recommend SDA to help guide and advise you through your separation or divorce.

Male working in Healthcare Industry

I was going down the wrong path with my divorce and kids…

I am going through a divorce, and with kids. This has been without doubt the toughest time in my life. There is no possible way I would have got this far without Jacquie Wharton’s advice and care. She has been like a rudder on a ship and has steered me in the right direction through an extremely difficult and stressful time.

The feeling of being attacked continuously and seeing no end in sight has been turned around by her skillful managing of me and my lawyer, as well as her focus on resolution and not the hurdles that are thrown in front of you. Being able to develop a suit of armor to the attacks and keep focusing on what’s best for myself and my children.

Like many, this is the first time in my life that I have been attacked as a person and a father of three beautiful young children. If you are going down the wrong path she will guide you back. The scope of her experience is so wide in this area I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her guidance on matters ranging from insights, the legal process ahead and looking after yourself – for this I am almost lost for words, just thank you, I could not possibly have done this without your help, thank you again.

Father of three young children, working in aviation

Jacquie is an expert in her divorce, demonstrating the highest integrity and work ethic

Jacquie Wharton is an expert in divorce, a highly skilled and experienced communicator and negotiator. Her depth of knowledge in family law and personal experience makes her stand out from the rest.

Enormously passionate about her work, Jacquie leads by example, in helping individuals resolve their differences and reach their goals with compassion and integrity.

Jacquie has been an integral part of my personal evolution, during the 8 month period of legal separation. She was sensitive to my needs and inspired me to incredible growth, whilst providing support and understanding along the way. Jacquie’s empathetic style, taught me how to be a more skilled and compassionate communicator.

Jacquie is an empowering model for women, seamlessly juggling a demanding job and her own family. She has a sharp mind and an innate ability to diffuse potentially volatile situations, during separation and divorce.

I would recommend Jacquie Wharton to anyone wanting professional advice through the stormy waters of separation and divorce. Jacquie Wharton is an expert in her field, demonstrating the highest of integrity and work ethic, combined with a warm heart and generous spirit.

Mother of two older children & owner of a small business

Thanks for your amazing support Jacqueline

Jacqueline I just want to say thanks so much for your amazing support over the last few months and hence my gift of flowers to you. I wouldn’t be where I am without you!! Wishing you all the best professionally and personally. Thanks again.

Mother of One, Corporate Advisory

With Separation & Divorce Advisors’ advice, we reached a financial agreement without incurring further legal cost

Considering separation is a very unfortunate event, I was very fortunate to haveSeparation & Divorce Advisors as my advisor to help me reach a financial agreement in my divorce. They are supportive, understanding, experienced and professional. They is always prompt in answering my questions. Though we have never met face to face, I can feel they care about me as their client. In phone calls, I feel comfortable to discuss any issues I am concerned about in separation. I feel assured that during my most vulnerable time in life, I have trusted people to turn to for help. The advice that I received is valuable which costs a lot less than going to a law firm. With Separation & Divorce Advisors’ advice, I and my ex-partner reached an agreement for asset division without incurring further legal cost. I think it is a good outcome for both parties.

Woman, Professional Services

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I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.

I can't recommend Anna highly enough - having Anna as someone I could rely on to guide me through the complicated messy process of separation meant that she helped me navigate through a really challenging time in my life with confidence. Not only was she super helpful but was always thoughtful

Father of Two
Product Design
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