Excellent Practical and Negotiation Advice – Testimonial

I am so grateful for the help and kindness that Jacquie gave me during my difficult time of separation. She was a tremendous support – she really did bridge the gap for me between my counsellor and my lawyer.

Jacquie always made time for me when I was desperate and feeling helpless, giving me excellent practical and negotiation advice. I am truly grateful to have had her support and guidance.

Woman in relationship for 12 years
Sydney area

There were so many points I hadn’t thought of for my Parenting Plan…

I cannot thank you enough [for providing me with a list of issues to think about when preparing my Parenting Plan]… there were many points I hadn’t thought of. The majority of people are in an extremely stressed state when they make the decision to end a relationship, or have it made for them by their spouse, so don’t know the basics of what needs to be done.

Mother of two girls

Jacquie could uniquely (and warmly) assist me through the legal process…

With Jacquie’s extensive experience as a lawyer and her expertise in negotiation and conflict coaching, I found someone who could uniquely (and warmly) assist me through the legal process and my difficult settlement discussions.

Mother of one child, aged two

I realised a knee jerk response was not the most rational…

With the utmost confidence, I have no hesitation in recommending Jacquie to anyone wishing to resolve their separation or divorce matters amicably and achieve the best possible result for themselves and their family.

At a difficult time in my life Jacquie made me realise that a knee jerk response was not the most rational, or the best long term plan for dealing with my marriage breakdown. She helped me to think of alternative ways of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement with my husband and to devise a parenting agreement which was in the best interests of our children.

Most importantly, Jacquie assisted me to act with dignity at all times which I believe has put me in good stead for rebuilding a happy life. It would have been easy for me to be angry and bitter when my husband left me, but Jacquie helped me to stay grounded and act rationally which really assisted me to reach an amicable settlement with my husband. Had I chosen to act upon the advice given to me by a family lawyer I am sure the outcome would have not been as favourable for me and my two beautiful girls.

Jacquie is extremely capable, professional and supportive and has a high capacity for empathy and understanding. I am so grateful for her assistance to date and thoroughly recommend her service.

Mother of two girls aged 3 and 6, working in Financial Regulatory Services

One session provided me with some real clarity…

Jacquie was able to guide me through some personal relationship issues that I was struggling with. She really helped me understand what triggered me and what it is I truly value – my true values. Jacquie also helped me view these problems from different perspectives – my own and my partners. I feel this one session provided me with some real clarity about myself and my situation and helped me build a positive plan to move forward.

Father of two, financial services

Above and beyond any expectations…

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jacqueline Wharton. Her personalised advice to my individual needs has been above and beyond any expectations. She has made what is potentially the most traumatic experience in my life clear, concise and structured. She has given extremely helpful advice on something I have no experience in dealing with – to draw on her experience and skills has been a godsend. Everyone should have a Jacqueline in their life.

Mother of two children, aged 11 and 13

I was able to stop feeling frustrated and angry…

I was fortunate to receive one-on-one conflict resolution coaching from Jacqueline Wharton around a conflict that had been going on for almost a year. I found the session invaluable.

Through skilled coaching Jacqueline was able to help me see the conflict in a new light, and in particular gain a greater understanding of the other party’s actions and what might be driving them.

Although I had thought that I understood the ‘other side of the coin’, I realised with Jacqueline’s help that I had not truly seen the other person’s perspective. This realisation was very empowering, as I was able to stop feeling frustrated and angry at a situation that I didn’t understand, and work with Jacqueline on constructive ways to move forward without being mired in what had gone before.

I’m pleased to say that the conflict has been resolved to a great degree. This would not have been possible without Jacqueline’s assistance. With her help I was able to stop feeling angry and frustrated and instead focus on constructive actions to move forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jacqueline to anyone who is experiencing a conflict in their lives, be it with a spouse, friend or colleague. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner!


I now feel more confident about negotiating…

I was initially quite comfortable with my level of negotiation skills, until I spoke to Jacquie Wharton and realised that I wasn’t really being as effective as I could be! I worked with Jacquie over a period of 3 months; we discussed my personal negotiation style and specific negotiation strategies and tactics that would assist me to effectively negotiate a commercial lease.

As a result, I now feel more confident about negotiating and I’ve gained better results from discussions with real estate agents. Specifically, after preparing more thoroughly for negotiations and discussing the process up front, agents were more open to listening to my needs and more willing to compromise. And now I’m more aware of the need to concentrate on the process, rather than just the outcomes and I find myself using my negotiation skills in other situations at home too.

Female, Executive Coach

A rewarding and positive experience…

I found conflict coaching to be a rewarding and positive experience. Through perceptive and targeted questions Jacquie quickly helped me learn a lot about myself. These realisations were at times tough, but definitely necessary for me to move forward.

I acquired a self understanding and self awareness that I never had before. My relationships with others have become a lot stronger, more enjoyable and meaningful as a result of my sessions with Jacquie. Jacquie has a very caring and intuitive manner and I thoroughly recommend her to others.

Mother of two children under five

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Jacqueline was amazing at supporting us through this massive change in our relationship and our family.

Jacqueline was amazing at supporting us through this massive change in our relationship and our family. She had a wonderful way of providing the facts in a compassionate, non adversarial manner. This focused the conversations onto the future outcome rather than past

Mother of Two
Medical Professional
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