I was dealing with an adept and complex negotiator... | Separation & Divorce Advisors

I was dealing with an adept and complex negotiator…

Jacquie and SD Advisors were recommended to me by my financial adviser at a time when I had already received a proposal from my ex-husband that didn’t provide enough financial support for my future and they were concerned that I would be disadvantaged from the divorce settlement. I was dealing with an adept and complex negotiator, who needed hard facts and reasons throughout the process in order to come to a resolution that would service the whole family. Jacquie was able to divert the emotions into clear thinking and encourage me to spend time working out figures and outcomes based on different realities and kept me strong and steadfast in the face of a very emotional and draining situation. Because of her vast knowledge, how the system works and her experience, I felt able to make decisions and negotiate without having to compromise on my future and the best interests of my boys. With Jacquie’s help in getting me to grow through the process I was able to negotiate the outcome that I wanted. I had great legal advice but I wish I’d sought her help earlier on in the process. I would highly recommend anyone going through this unfortunate process to seek expert help from Jacquie and her team to feel supported and positive about the final outcome.

Mother of three boys, Small Business Owner

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Anna has been an amazing support, sounding board and realist.

Over the past few years Anna has been fundamental in helping me get through what could have been a very messy separation. Her knowledge and ability to be one step ahead was comforting. I knew I could put my trust in her. Anna was always professional, calm and dealt in the facts, something I didn't

Mother of Two
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