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Divorce Mediation – I couldn’t have done it without SD Advisors

A mother of two from the Sydney area had this to say about SD Advisor’s divorce mediation and approach.

“When faced with what seemed an insurmountable situation with little to no energy to face the reality, SD Advisors helped me navigate my way through.  Her gentle but thorough approach was not only comforting but also reassuring.  SD Advisors were always at hand to answer questions and understood more than the legal issues I faced.  I not only had a great negotiator but also someone that understood the human condition, not only mine but the family’s dynamics. I don’t think I could have done it without them.  When my thinking strayed into areas of anger and retribution they were able to guide me to a more positive place resulting in better outcomes. Thank you SD Advisors…. you are indeed very special!”

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Collaborating together with Jacqueline helped us focus on the key priorities – our children

We wanted to separate amicably and not ruin our future relationship by fighting each other using lawyers - especially because we will be in each others lives frequently as we continue to work together & raise our kids. It's an awful situation that you just don't need to make worse.

Mother of three
Health Industry
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