I now feel more confident about negotiating… | Separation & Divorce Advisors

I now feel more confident about negotiating…

I was initially quite comfortable with my level of negotiation skills, until I spoke to Jacquie Wharton and realised that I wasn’t really being as effective as I could be! I worked with Jacquie over a period of 3 months; we discussed my personal negotiation style and specific negotiation strategies and tactics that would assist me to effectively negotiate a commercial lease.

As a result, I now feel more confident about negotiating and I’ve gained better results from discussions with real estate agents. Specifically, after preparing more thoroughly for negotiations and discussing the process up front, agents were more open to listening to my needs and more willing to compromise. And now I’m more aware of the need to concentrate on the process, rather than just the outcomes and I find myself using my negotiation skills in other situations at home too.

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Anna has been an amazing support, sounding board and realist.

Over the past few years Anna has been fundamental in helping me get through what could have been a very messy separation. Her knowledge and ability to be one step ahead was comforting. I knew I could put my trust in her. Anna was always professional, calm and dealt in the facts, something I didn't

Mother of Two
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