Divorce advice - Jacquie was an invaluable asset

Jacquie was an invaluable asset for divorce advice…

It goes without saying that divorce is a truly soul destroying and difficult time.

But Jacquie was an invaluable asset. Even though I had a lawyer, I desperately needed someone else who could answer my questions, provide divorce advice who was available and who didn’t charge astronomically!  Thankfully Jacquie was recommended to me in the fairly early stages of my divorce.  Jacquie helped me understand the family law system and how to best negotiate a settlement for me and my children.  She also helped me formulate parenting plans and financial budgets.

Jacquie always ensured she was available to either speak or meet with me to help resolve any issue that arose along the way – and there were many!  She also liaised with my lawyer and financial advisor which provided me with an added peace of mind that I had the best possible team looking out for me and my children.  Jacquie always had the children’s best interests in mind.

I thoroughly recommend Jacquie to anyone who finds themselves faced with divorce and a difficult ex.

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You did a stellar job in helping us navigate a very difficult situation

We are signed, done and dusted. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help through this stressful process. You hear horror stories about how legals play out and cause so much long term damage to your future relationships to your ex – let alone decimating your finances – and I’m just glad

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