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Jacquie is an expert in her divorce, demonstrating the highest integrity and work ethic

Jacquie Wharton is an expert in divorce, a highly skilled and experienced communicator and negotiator. Her depth of knowledge in family law and personal experience makes her stand out from the rest.

Enormously passionate about her work, Jacquie leads by example, in helping individuals resolve their differences and reach their goals with compassion and integrity.

Jacquie has been an integral part of my personal evolution, during the 8 month period of legal separation. She was sensitive to my needs and inspired me to incredible growth, whilst providing support and understanding along the way. Jacquie’s empathetic style, taught me how to be a more skilled and compassionate communicator.

Jacquie is an empowering model for women, seamlessly juggling a demanding job and her own family. She has a sharp mind and an innate ability to diffuse potentially volatile situations, during separation and divorce.

I would recommend Jacquie Wharton to anyone wanting professional advice through the stormy waters of separation and divorce. Jacquie Wharton is an expert in her field, demonstrating the highest of integrity and work ethic, combined with a warm heart and generous spirit.

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Separation Collaboration – I couldn’t have asked for a better process and result

The process of Separation Collaboration allowed us to express ourselves, our feelings and our wants about the future, yet creating boundaries of respect in the way we spoke to one another and acknowledging the emotional pain we were both in, without delving too deeply into that, so as to continue

Mother of Three
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