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Jac’s guidance, empathy, practical approach and advice was invaluable

Jac’s guidance, empathy, practical approach and advice was invaluable at what was a very tumultuous and emotional time – I’m not sure I would have come through my separation as well as I did without her help – I would highly recommend.

Jacqueline felt like my own personal secret agent. She deciphered all of the legalese which overwhelmed me in an already stressful and very emotional time. She also acted as an emotional support person that I could go to which meant I didn’t lump that onto my partner at home. She was able to provide recommendations on how best to manage the communication with my ex-husband. Lawyers play a vital role in a separation and divorce but in my experience they do not provide the level of support and care that Jacqueline did. As a result I was able to keep my emotions in tact, and also my legal fees down to a minimum. Thank God I found her!

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Separation Collaboration – I couldn’t have asked for a better process and result

The process of Separation Collaboration allowed us to express ourselves, our feelings and our wants about the future, yet creating boundaries of respect in the way we spoke to one another and acknowledging the emotional pain we were both in, without delving too deeply into that, so as to continue

Mother of Three
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